All our espresso drinks are made with coffee beans from Great Lakes Coffee. Currently, we use a single type of bean called the Dark Horse. We have classic espresso drinks such as the americano and cappuccino, as well as recipes we developed in house such as our black tea latte and dirty coconut.


Bingsu (빙수) is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert enjoyed all through-out the year in South Korea. Ours is a more modern version that uses a thinly shaved frozen milk and sugar base (instead of ground ice), that creates a snow-like consistency.


After a lot of trial and error, we have developed a pretty darn good bubble tea menu. Besides a few such as the coconut, taro and honeydew, all other bubble tea menus we make in-house by brewing loose-leaf tea from Teapigs tea or using an organic matcha powder from AOI Tea Company.


Our pastries come from a small bakery located in Ann Arbor, Michigan called Yoon's Bakery that specializes in Korean pastries and desserts. Besides Monday (the day the bakery is closed), we sell pastries every day.

All prices listed above may change without notice. Please call if you have any questions regarding ingredients or allergies.